10 Things Not to Miss when in 


Make sure you get to see all the important things when in Pembrokeshire


Jayne Hancock


Smokehouse Quay

10 Things Not to Miss When in Pembrokeshire

Worried you'll not get to see all you want, whilst on holiday? Fear not, pick up this guide and find out What NOT to miss!


The inside track on the best things to do in Pembrokeshire


Where to go, and what to do


The best places to eat


Stop wasting time by knowing ahead of time what you're going to do

About the author

Jayne Hancock

Jayne never thought of herself as a holiday rep, but over the years of owning and running her own  holiday accommodation, as well as being born & bred Pembrokeshire. there's not much she doesn't know about this beautiful county, Little England Beyond Wales.

Keen to ensure you get the best out of your holiday, here are her best kept trade secrets!